Favourite Local Fashion-y Finds

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Victoria Mason Hundred Waters Necklaces
Hello New Year readers!  I am VERY glad. I like to see the empty year stretching out in front of me as you only can at this time of year! I have a few things in my calendar already, but I can kind of kid myself that it's free sailing at this point. Do you feel like that too?
Anyhoo, you might already know that I'm writing about ethical fashion every Thursday on this very blog. It's part of A Year Of Ethical Fashion (#YOEF). I'm talking about buying ethical, local, vintage or second-hand, making clothes, swapping clothes and even just buying less. On a Thursday. Every week. (Hopefully!)

If you'd like to get involved with YOEF you can take the pledge at any time by signing up here and going ethical for a year (or more!)

For today's YOEF post, I've scoured Etsy for some great local vintage finds (below). I like the idea of narrowing things down to local, not all of the time, but some of the time. It seems like a good idea to support neighbourly types.

I've also dropped in a dose of Victoria Mason (top), because everyone needs a dose of Vic. She's a total keeper in the cute friend/clever designer stakes, as far as I'm concerned. I am in love with her new pieces. They are handmade by Vic in her Fitzroy studio. I think you will like them too!

I should also mention one of my favourite Etsy stores for super beautiful vintage : Bess Georgette : Add her to your faves! Tell me: Do you have a fave Australian Etsy vintage shop? Or a bricks and mortar vintage shop you love? Or perhaps you run an Australian Etsy vintage shop? Litter the comments with awesome vintage tipping links, won't you?! (Also… how great is Victoria Mason?!) x Pip A Year Of Ethical Fashion on Facebook